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People are looking for answers to some very serious questions, regarding their family’s lives and future in these difficult days. The family structure is being phased out, the whole system of government is breaking down and has become untrustworthy. Yet all the human heart craves for is love, peace, hope and purpose. We are looking for someone who we can trust, someone who is saying the things that are relevant to our needs and providing us with ideas on what the solution can be.

Here, at Home of the Free Church we have found that Jesus, the life He lived and the words He spoke contain the answer to what the majority of people are looking for. We have found that the wisdom that is in the Bible, though many centuries old, carries within it some very practical answers to some very relevant questions.

Through time, everything has changed except our needs and how to get those needs met, to find true love and to know peace, to have hope and purpose in our lives and the opportunity to know happiness from the inside out. If you give Jesus a chance, if you dare to take time to listen to Him and put what He says into practise you will find that He can do just that.

In our church, the believers have found Jesus to be true, His word to work and the life He brings is so much better than you can imagine. TRY HIM! As Jesus says in the Bible (John 10v10), “I have come to give YOU life and that life more abundantly”!

Enjoy the website, the music and the teaching, you are more than welcome to come and visit us.

Thank you
Pastor Sid


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