John Cole


Hi, I am married to Tracy, we have 4 children who have grown up so quickly. I thank God for my family and the life He has given me to enjoy.

I have been a believer for 28 years now and as everyone knows life can be very tough even when you are a Christian.

God has always been faithful, true to his word and never left me. For the majority of time while attending church I’d always felt there was something more to the Christian life than I was experiencing and I knew thatGod was not to blame. I went to a meeting with a friend to see Cecil Paxton who was teaching on healing and the heart and it changed my life, it really felt as if I was born again, again.

I knew that I had to protect what I had heard and guard my heart and I believe God was leading move to Home of the Free Church because I needed to keep hearing this teaching which to this day still is so exciting and so liberating.

Today I am a leader at the church and I get so blessed to be able to share this truth expecting it to set others free the same way it set me free. I am so thankful and so blessed to be apart of this gospel and having a relationship with God my saviour.

Look forward to meeting you,

God bless,


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