Pastor Sid Forster

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our website; My name is Sid and I am the Pastor at the Home of the Free Church.

Here I am with my wife and friend Dot, my partner in-crime so to speak! We have been married for nearly 20 years and we have six children, Jonathan who is from our marriage, James, Katie and Andrew from Dot’s previous marriage, Clark and Anntina from my own.

I have been a Christian for 20 years and feel so privileged to be a part of God’s finishing plans on planet earth today.I came out of a drug related background into the family of God after pursuing truth for a long time knowing that there must be more to life than what I was experiencing. I knew deep down that, there were questions that I did not have the answers to until I met Jesus. I tried everything, in the pursuit of truth, and Jesus was never going to be on that list.

Yet hidden away from us cloaked in religion and tradition as myself, like all of us have been slowly educated into the lie that denies Jesus of His deity and power and added to that, living with the inner bias{our inherent sinful nature} that disqualifies any truth that points to the fact that Jesus and His gospel of peace is true.

When I surrendered to this incredible possibility of truth, the light switched on and I was forgiven and set free by my Saviour and friend Jesus! Hallelujah! I remember, less than 2 weeks into my salvation sitting at the foot of the stairs where I live saying to God “what do you want me to do?” The response came, 1 Tim 4v13 into my thoughts and the incredible thing about it is I did not know that there was a Timothy in the bible, never mind a 2 Timothy, chapter and verse. So there it was and over a 20-year period, I am{maybe} just beginning to see this scripture come into fruition.

I have spent 13 years at my first Church and 3 years at another which were so valuable to me and helped lay some great foundations. The real breakthrough came listening to the teachings of Andrew Wommack. His teachings of God’s grace and love to the world brought the awareness of my identity in Christ into a completely new level. I was able to understand what Jesus did in His death, burial and resurrection and how that changes how I approach God and how He sees me. Consequently, I enrolled at Charis Bible College, which is a part of Andrew Wommack ministries and it changed my life. I enrolled for two years and stayed on to do my 3rd year apprenticeship that finished with my ordination.

The Home of the Free Church started in 2005 on the DruidsHeath Estate in South Birmingham. We work with the community sharing the good news with everyone who will listen and makingJesus relevant in these last days in as many practical ways possible. Coming to understand how much Jesus loves us and being in relationship with Him is key to walking in the freedom and acceptance that cost Jesus His life so let us walk in it.

Pastor Sid and Dot

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