Stuart Handley

Hello There,

My name is Stuart Handley and I am part of the leadership at Home of the Free Church.

I have been a Christian for 25 years and after attending several local churches for just over 23 of them I believe God had lead me this church to bean encouragement to all and take me into the next level of stuartministry for Him.

God has given me a heart for people and if I can play a part in bringing someone into a real relationship with God, it satisfies the desires of my heart and sums up my purpose for life.

I enjoy sharing God’s word and minister weekly at a Bible College in central Birmingham, it is with this ministry I was ordained .

For the last 3 years I have travelled Tanzania, ministered at crusades in various cities, and seen some great testimonies of God’s power in healing and deliverance. This is our aim to see people saved, healed and set free and bring them to knowledge of God’s will for their lives which is Total freedom in Jesus name!

God bless you all,



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